Shaky Stills

Come along to cheers the year and celebrate it’s 339th day with Shaky Stills.

Shaky Stills play original alt-country and rhythm & blues music for you to sing & dance along to.

The band: Patrick Carr on vocals & guitar, Rikki Arnot on BV’s , Matt Rodd guitar / BV’s , Tom Bob Rodd on bass , Kane Baker on drums / BV’s, Roland Cox on keys and Ed Bates on pedal steel, they’ve also a LP record in the making with this very line up.

“With his brand of folky rhythm and blues Shaky is more of a crooner than a screamer, Shaky’s super-charismatic voice is impossible to miss”.

“Matched with his trademark quirkiness, quick wit and finesse at penning interesting songs”.

Pat’s (aka Shaky’s) troubadour existence is a family tradition with his great great grandfather Charles Thatcher “The Colonial Minstrel” being one of the first recorded minstrels in Australia.