Shovels + bitumen + assad

SHOVELS (Homeless Records) play the Yarra Bandroom, joined by BITUMEN and ASSAD (Ben Andrews from MY DISCO)

“Putting an exact label on what Shovels is doing is a little bit difficult for me, there’s equal parts psych, insane noise rock and tightly honed garage rock, all combining and interbreeding to birth the twisted mass of sound and coordinated fits of psychosis that is Shovels… Equal and heavy helpings of garage, psychedelia and punk fusing into an unholy union of sound, I’m not going to dwell on trying to describe exactly how Shovels grabs you by the balls and feverishly drags you along for the thirty minute ride of your life, though. How it sweeps you off of your feet, envelopes you in this warm cozy blanket of utter chaos and then sends you along on your way, seemingly no worse for the wear despite the fact you feel like you’ve just been shot out of a cannon at a brick wall.” – It’s Psychedelic Baby

$5 entry