Smoke Bellow + The Flying Sorcerers + Popolice

It’s a night of ones and twos ….

Smoke Bellow are a duo from Melbourne then Baltimore then Melbourne again. With a deep underbed vibe of Krautrock, two people are joined by a merry band of machines to sound more like eleven or twelve people. Layers of synths, guitars, super-solid bass make a multi-dimentional listening experience.

The Flying Sorcerers are from New Zealand and are now (mostly) resident in Melbourne. Playing with the most minimal of setups possible, the songs are short and to-the-point. They have been compared to Wire, The Byrds and even the Tall Dwarf’s Alec Bathgate. Keeping upbeat and full of energy, if you don’t like it, don’t worry it doesn’t last for long.
Due to the tyranny of distance, the band will perform as a two piece and has a second ep entitled ‘The Unrealistic Expectations of The Flying Sorcerers’ coming out later this year.

And then there was one …. Popolice is a solo act, but there’s plenty for everyone. Also with big New Zealand connections, it’s definitely pop, covering all the elements. A musical journeyman.

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