tankerville ruin xmas

Come and make merry at The Yarra for the last show of 2016 on Friday 23rd December as Tankerville and some other holiday hobgoblins ruin your Xmas eve’s eve.


Cosmic Kahuna:
3 wandering minstrels who sing about nothing but their lord and saviour, The Tooth Fairy. One of them once patted a donkey.

Directly descended from some guy called Bob who claimed to be the very first Xmas tree. They’ve been known to be festive for no apparent reason.

Attacked By Seagulls:
A band literally made out of gingerbread. They dislike the rain but don’t mind hail. That’s kinda weird I guess.

The second coming of Bob. Or not. I think they live in a pine forest. They always have pine cones in their pockets for some reason.

So merry fucking 23rd December!

Pretty sure that’s a thing…