Terry 7″ Launch + Heavy Epic

“White denim, Explorer Socks, Uber, Gore-Tex, the Internet. We live in an information age but we are lonely Terry. We can’t rack up what you’ve got. Tell me about the singles night on the Pyrenees highway. Tell me about those bad choices, about ‘The Bin’ and how we dance around it. Teach me about yearning, indignation. Teach me, that I may learn for myself. I’m a lady with a fork in a world of gravy. Get me a spoon Terry. Teach me to fish.”

Such is Terry. New project for a cast of some of Melbourne’s best musos (including members of UV Race, Dick Diver, Eastlink and Constant Mongrel), they’ll be launching their new 7″ with on a famous Yarra Sunday. In support will be Heavy Epic – the solo project of Alison Bolger from Beaches and Panel of Judges. And it’s free!