The Braves + Spike Fuck + Shrimp Witch + Wax Eaters

Shell shock therapists, warlords of rhythm, disciples of Samurai – The Braves, along with Spike Fuck, Shrimp Witch and The Wax Eaters bring an vast array of music to The Yarra backroom.

“The Braves have an explosive passion that results in a burning intensity to their work. The group have described their recently released and absolutely outstanding EP Contra Tortura as “the counter to the torture of modern day fuckery” – an apt statement that is validated by the work. Their music harbours a certain aggressive quality, a brash, bold rambuctiousness that is underpinned by impressive technical prowess, and a plethora of unique arrangements; it walks a fine line between balls out, free-for-all aggression, and delicate, focused musicality. This combination of factors and influences within The Braves’ music is what makes it so fascinating, and so much fun to listen to.”

Spike Fuck is inspired primarily by love and obsession, heroin addiction, trans-ness and washed up 60s musicians who make overproduced comeback albums in the 80s. Spike Fuck describes her music as “smackwave”; a blend of late 80s new wave and late 70s post-punk, with a dash of country music singer/songwriter sensibilities and Las Vegas Hilton Ballroom karaoke vocals.

Shrimpwitch, the almighty duo of two very shrimpy witches with salty sexual magic who rule the ocean with their venereal garage rock. Fuck you, Poseidon.

The Wax Eaters are five ghouls who foolishly delved into a self-imposed psychotic rampage and in doing so produced what has now come to be known as THE WAX EATERS!