The Fainters (E.P. Launch) + Four In The Morning + Snowy + Maja

“The Fainters have been creating a unique style of Indie Rock, indebted to guitar bands Pavement, Dick Diver, as well as singer-songwriters like Joni Mitchell.

The last song of their first EP ‘New Age’ promised a break from a world of ghosts, no confidence, lost boats and unflattering mirrors, and their sophomore EP Secret Tape delivers on that promise. With Secret Tape the band sounds tighter, rockier, and more assured than ever. Credit is due to Tom Thomson, for his impeccable production of the album, bringing to life fan favourite songs such as ‘Doom Slope’ and ‘Secret Tape’.

Come and help The Fainters launch their second EP at The Yarra Hotel, November 17th. It will be a great night of music all round, with support from up and coming indie-rockers Four In The Morning, talented experimenter Snowy (of The Ocean Party, No Local etc.), and the sublime folk sounds of Maja.”