The Sea Birds

The debut single – Am I Wasting My Time – from Melbourne band The Sea Birds is a stunning glimpse into the beautifully crafted repertoire of this illustrious five-piece. The group began their musical voyage into the rich landscape of indie pop sound in late 2014. Comprised of dual lead vocalists Lara Wentworth and Loic Mamet and primary songwriter Mike Amarant, every member plays a part in the execution and production of ideas, including the rhythm section Lucas Wentworth and James Duplessis, who have only very recently just joined the group.

The arrangements of Am I Wasting My Time draw heavily on the band’s love of indie pop. The sweetly gentle melodies with shades of alt country rock and nuanced guitar work pair flawlessly with the melancholic sentiments of the song’s lyrics. The outfit felt this track that captured the band’s ‘sweet but sad’ musical sensibility, embracing a ‘good earthy, no frill musical approach and is easily reproduced in a live setting.

The Sea Birds will bring their well-crafted bittersweet pop to the Yarra bandroom for a very special evening of song. They may or may not beg for a chip while they do so.