The Strange + The Pope’s Assassins + 245T

THE STRANGE are playing their first gig of the year. They have a bunch of new songs as well as some old songs to get you dancing. Beat magazine called The Strange, “part gypsy caravan and part psychedelic meltdown.” They were unanimously selected by a panel of music industry peers to win the launch competition hosted by music website EatNoise, affording them the opportunity to create the clip for “Piece of Your Strange”.

THE POPE’S ASSASSINS came into existence through immaculate conception. That’s right folks they appeared magically one day out of the loins of a virgin with instruments in hand ready to rock’n’roll. Spiritually influenced by a variety of rock and pop genres, The Pope’s Assassins have created their own unique musical voice that is raw, energetic and yet poetic

245T – A rocking group of chaps combing sixties beats with contemporary melodies and lyrics.