The Tommyhawks (WA) + Bayou + Jules Douglas (The Panics)

The Tommyhawks are four lasses who explode with gutsy, saxy, blues-fuelled songs. Their music finds that sweet spot between rollicking folk melodies and downright, hard-driving, punk-infused blues. Singer Addison Axe’s voice is ‘both raucous and angelic’. Combine that with dark sax harmonies and a home-made electric mandolin, and you’ll be left with some dirty little goose bumps.

Bayou’s eerie harmonies, propulsive drumming and shoe-gazey guitars have been catching eyes and ears around Melbourne for a while now. Their fuzzed-out missives from some enticing underworld come with a pop sensibility which will leave you humming a tune you never knew you knew on the way home.

Jules Douglas (The Panics) plays solo in a mode that can only be described as doom folk – like Rowland S. Howard playing guitar for The Triffids, or Cat Power two octaves down. His mother thinks he is very talented.