The Weeping Willows + Dana Hassall (QLD) + Allison Forbes (NSW)

What a very special night is in store as The Yarra proudly presents The Weeping Willows with Dana Hassall and Allison Forbes.
Andrew Wrigglesworth and Laura Coates (The Weeping Willows) are a couple of old souls, steeped in bluegrass tradition and draped in gothic Americana imagery. That kind of description might make them sound like some carefully contrived concept-act but there’s something truly different about The Weeping Willows: they really mean it.
Just like their old-timey forefathers, Laura and Andrew see themselves as simply contributors. They are cogs in the wheel; part of a long music tradition that emerged years before their own existence and will survive them by hook or by crook. The old songs they sing are plucked from the canon, the new ones they write are simply added to the book. The origin of each track is almost irrelevant, as all are performed with an authenticity and vibrancy befitting this most dignified and welcoming genre.

Dana Hassall has been writing songs since she was an eight-year-old growing up on an alpaca farm in rural Queensland. While her songwriting has matured since those innocent days, she still writes from a place of yearning and self-discovery. She’ll be playing songs from her debut album Spinning Wheels.
“Dana Hassall has developed such a unique & contemporary approach to singing & writing that it not only hooks the ear but causes the listener to tilt their head as if in contemplation of the highest art.” (Luke O’Shea)

Growing up just outside Tamworth with the Country Music Festival significant in her life, Allison Forbes watched the stars gather every year in her hometown making her yearn to be a part of it. Forbes has dabbled in every musical genre over the years. On the turn of a coin she was accepted into the prestigious CMAA Academy of Country Music in 2011 where she learned how to refine herself as an artist and a songwriter and to embrace what had always made her different from everybody else. The past two years have been spent traveling, writing, learning and performing. At this very moment Allison is putting the finishing touches on her second EP Augustine to be released early next year, so come to the Yarra for a sneak peek of what we’re sure will be a heartfelt, emotive performance, delivered with attitude and a unique country folk style.