The Woodland Hunters EP Launch

The Woodland Hunters distil a heady mix of influences from 60’s guitar wig-outs to swamp rock, 70’s jam bands to raw’n’dusty Americana. Together with producer Shane O’Mara they’ve brewed up their debut EP titled ‘So Far To Travel, So Far To Go’.

The songs that make up this EP cover journeys both physical and emotional. Maybe even spiritual. They’re about interesting lives, and the stories they create. There are tunes about femme fatales and jaded rockstars. There’s a song detailing a Machiavellian power grab, and another that’s a pitch black take on Darwinian evolution. Close listening will be rewarded.

Critic Jeff Jenkins says ‘this band create what’s best described as “ragged glory”‘. Get a dose at our Yarra EP launch.