The Woodland Hunters + The Bakers Digest

The Woodland Hunters are singer/guitarist Andrew Tanner (Sand Pebbles, Seven Stories) drummer Leroy Cope (N’fa Jones, Alex Hallahan) guitarist Ross Richard (The Stillsons, Alex Hallahan) and bassist Cam Prestipino (Alex Hallahan).

It was a happy accident. Tanner was spending long afternoons drinking in his friend John’s backyard in Footscray. Conversation turned to the next door neighbour Leroy, a drummer with his own backyard studio – and a couple of ace musical mates. Introductions made, invitations to jam, surprising musical chemistry, band takes shape. Nothing was forced, everything flowed.

The Woodland Hunters pay no attention to genres, while respecting their influences, which include 60’s psychedelia, 70’s power rock, jam bands, swamp and the various byways of roots music. They believe the best music happens when styles intersect. They pay attention to groove, keep the raw bits in, and think everything should serve the song. Speaking of which, they have many – songs about simians scheming Planet Of the Apes style scenarios, songs about acid trips in the desert, songs about enigmatic Marilyn-type femme fatales, songs about refusing to go gentle into that good night. One lyric goes ‘so far to travel, so far to go’. Call that a mission statement.

The Woodland Hunters. Their aim is true.

Joining them will be Adelaide-cum-Melbourne three-piece The Bakers Digest. Quickly gathering a following around their new hometown, they’ll bring their own spin on psych-country rock’n’roll to the Yarra. This is one you don’t wanna miss.