Tiny Pieces of 8 + Matt Langley

Hillbilly, doom folk, psychedelic blues, country-noise rock… Tiny Pieces of 8 are their own genre. Consisting of two double basses, three electric guitars, a hand-assembled drum kit and a keyboard synthesiser. If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, covers of Roger Miller, Wanda Jackson, Melanie and Dead Moon are rendered in Tiny Pieces of 8 style, with enthusiasm.
The collective which is now Tiny Pieces of 8, began its life after the completion of a solo album of the same name in 2013 by Dunedin musician Deirdre Newall (formerly of Delgirl). As many of the musicians involved in the project toured and promoted the album, Tiny Pieces of 8 became a way of life.
Grant Ramsay (aka Swampy) singer, songwriter and soloist of North East Valley, Dunedin is a key figure in the collective. Ramsay’s dirty blues guitar and spine chilling vocals met Newall’s folk noir colliding into Louisiana soul. Currently featuring Chris Schmeltz (The Feral Hunks, Whiskey and The Wench, Wolf Skull), Mitchell Frew (The Feral Hunks) and Rosa Cameron (Tahu and the Takahes, Brockville BBQ). 98% original DIY, all members are encouraged to contribute their own material.
Sound bites can be found on band camp under artist ‘Deidre Newall’ or on their Facebook page ‘Tiny Pieces of 8’ with soon to be released new material.
Joining them on the night will be Matt Langley, an artist who resists easy categorisation but has drawn comparisons to Elliot Smith, Jeff Tweedy, Chris Isaak, Grant Lee Phillips, Jeff Buckley, Harry Nilsson and Bob Dylan among others. Langley’s love of songwriting shows in a diverse range of influences from the Beatles to Radiohead, folk to pop, and has a uniquely poetical lyrical bent. He recently collaborated on a suite of songs with renowned New Zealand Poet Laureate and author Brian Turner called Ladders of Rain.