Ulysses Wulf + Ern Malley

Ulysses Wulf are a three-piece indie-pop-rock group based in Melbourne, Australia.
Originally from New Zealand, where songwriter Yule was signed to Loop Recordings (The Black Seeds, Tommy Ill) and releasing music under his own name, the personal project evolved into a collaboration with his long-time bassist Vinny King.
Blending electronic and live instrumentation, while fusing tight funk grooves with dark and confessional lyricism, the music developed a genre-bending signature sound deemed ready for export.
So the two auditory adventurers relocated to Melbourne and formed a band together with drummer Christian Lee, and they’ll be taking to The Yarra stage in support of new EP Like the Present.

Ern Malley is a new Melbourne band, who are very pleased to announce their lead single White Nectarines, off their recent self-titled debut. Their sound has developed with leanings toward the jangle fuzz sounds of the 70s, while taking modestly from the early physch rock era, they are anchored by classic songwriting. White Nectarines epitomises this sound with woven guitar lines, syncopated melodies, and slow driving rhythm.

Naivety in its most gratifying attempt, Ern Malley holds ambitions for the future.