umbilical tentacle + derailment + spawn

UMBILICAL TENTACLE take you on a surf vacation to Innsmouth where the nightmare is more fun than reality and the frontal-lobotomy-via-noisecore gives you algebraic superpowers.

HEXTAPE is possibly the most riveting, outrageous, unfathomable and untouchable solo project in town, dealing in cosmic burn, future dread, timeless telekinesis and whatever sorcery it’ll take to get your ass shaking.

DERAILMENT is the soundtrack to that slow motion footage of a cannonball hitting a fat guy’s stomach being sped-up, slowed-down, wound-back, spun-around and eventually tossed in the trough for the pigs to munch on.

SPAWN are the new kids on the block of riffed up and pumped up stoner doom psych metal so good it’ll make you forget to lock your car door after a sneaky sidestreet bong.
freeeeeee entry ooh yeh
Monday May 15th at The Yarra Hotel in Johnston St Abbotsford