Waco Social Club

Waco Social Club formed in Melbourne, Australia in 2011 after a series of house parties, playing their maiden gig live to air on Melbourne’s own RRR’s JVG show. Since then the band has released two EPs, a couple of clips and now this single, Greatest Gift as a taste for the bands forthcoming album Medicine Man.

Waco’s sound is a refreshing blend of…………………. Well, that’s up for you, the listener to decide? Lyrically the tales are humane, passionate and heart felt. Songs of hope, in a world sliding insane. Their live shows have been said to be “Spiritual” (Penny Ikinger), “Confronting” (Ash Wednesday) and “Brings to mind Celebration of the Lizard and The Thin White Duke,” Rock & Folk magazine (France, March 2013).

WSC will be releasing Greatest Gift both locally and in France on new French independent label ‘Fraust’ records on a split 7” with French band Goolax Twister. They’ll be bringing all their best to the Yarra bandroom on Sunday April 10 for a special free show.