Thursday 19 October

Paul Kidney Experience + Intrinsic Light + Daniel Tucceri

Genre-resistant sonic agitators Paul Kidney Experience will be opening the aural portal beyond mortal at the Yarra for the first time. Come and splash in the liquid mirror of the eye but remember the eye will be looking back, as PKE tie-dye your mind with equal parts neon and barbed wire. Afterlife jackets are optional.

Supporting the PKE are Intrinsic Light , and for the first and possibly only time the strange and transcendental coupling of  Daniel Tucceri– Shane Van Den Akker– Matt Refund– David Prescott-Steed.

Showtime: 8pm

Friday 20 October

EKKO (NSW) w/ Jane Stacey + Little Elizabeth

EKKO are a four piece band from Milton, South Coast NSW, Australia. Shayna, Mark, Easter & Dan. formed the band in 2014 and began playing shows & supporting bands up and down the East Coast.

EKKO combine elements of various forms of Alternative Rock (Post, Progressive, Psych, Soft, etc).
Their live show reaches both ends of the spectrum.

See them play The Yarra Hotel, Abbotsford on October 20th with Jane Stacey & Little Elizabeth.

Showtime: 8pm

Sunday 22 October

Le Pine residency week 2 + Schmega + Dez

Le Pine (those kids you always thought were baked out of their minds) are actually doing something with their lives and putting on a great residency over 3 Sundays in October at The Yarra Hotel. See them joined by a bunch of talented pals each week at 6pm for only $8.

OCTOBER 15TH – W/ Zockapilli + Samuel L Jamson

OCTOBER 22ND- W/ Schmega + Dez

OCTOBER 29TH- W/ Jungle Breed + Edamame + Taper Valley

Showtime: 6pm

Wednesday 25 October

Maxon + Bill + Ruby Gill

Emerging power-pop queen Maxon is an artist from Melbourne, currently shaking audiences across the state with her trademark vocal and boundless song-writing talents. To celebrate independent music, Maxon is performing at The Yarra Hotel – Wednesday 25 October, with a brand new set that is both heartbreaking and heartwarming. The evening will be opened by the strange and wonderful music of Ruby Gill, with her single ‘Cassiopeia’ currently flooding the Triple J and Triple J Unearthed airwaves, followed by alt-folk singer-songwriter Bill, who is not afraid to cover the pointy ends of life, approaching the genre with a bold, contemporary edge. The three powerhouse musicians come together to share a night of love and music with you, so don’t be late!

PRICE: $10
Showtime: 8pm

Thursday 26 October

Middle Management + Lubulwa + Tram Cops + Oceans Between

Thursday night brings together an exciting collection of up and coming acts that are creating a buzz amongst the local Melbourne music scene. Newcomers Middle Management are hosting an evening of post rock shoegazey dreampop! With $8 entry to see 4 bands get in early for what is sure to be an amazing night of music.

See them joined by Lubulwa, Tram Cops, and Oceans Between.


Showtime: 8pm

Friday 27 October

Checkout (Ex-Rocket Science) + Georgia Spain & Band + Dean Anthonisz

In the bands own words:

Checkout is the result of a failed attempt to begin a solo career. It came about after or alongside Rocket Science’s extended hiatus. We needed a break from it all, I needed time to recover from a brain injury and everyone needed to just re-boot and try something different.

While the band found itself creatively, I dreamed of an illustrious solo career. One that Rock’n’roll super stars enjoy after the fact. The thing is, I wasn’t a Rock’n’roll super star but I was a regarded cult musician with an injured mind. A guru surrounded by delusion and turmoil.

I’d write songs all day, about things I noticed, things that got in the way, things that intrigued me, observations from any given day. I noticed things that weren’t right and of course things that were. While my mind recovered, I walked for miles gathering words for my new-found career. Sitting on a roof top, standing by a building, seated in the foyer, up and down escalators, perched by the bay… writing about transience. Little did I know these writings would spark a new group emphasizing words and poetry.

The world as we know it is about to end.

Eventually I decided to play a gig, a solo show, perform on my own, my name in lights. I booked a cinema that doubled as a cocktail bar and venue. The cinema seated thirty.

Since then I’ve been performing Checkout in and around Melbourne with James Baldwin on drums (New Pollution), Ema Dunstan on voc (Hi-Tec Emotions) and now Mickey Gino Zocchi on bass (Acts Revelations).

PRICE: $15
Showtime: 8pm

Sunday 29 October

Le Pine residency week 3 + Jungle Breed + Edamame + Taper Valley

Le Pine (those kids you always thought were baked out of their minds) are actually doing something with their lives and putting on a great residency over 3 Sundays in October at The Yarra Hotel. See them joined by a bunch of talented pals each week at 6pm for only $8.

OCTOBER 15TH – W/ Zockapilli + Samuel L Jamson

OCTOBER 22ND- W/ Schmega + Dez

OCTOBER 29TH- W/ Jungle Breed + Edamame + Taper Valley

Showtime: 6pm

Wednesday 01 November

Bodies + Tilde Joy & Mara Schwertdfeger + Babey

Bodies is an experimental collaboration between daniel ward, alexander thomas, ben sendy-smithers and ruben stoney.

Maria Schwerdtfeger (viola, electronics) and Tilde Joy (guitars) make experimental folk music. Their sound is sullen, cloudy, dark and severe, utilising drones and sympathetic resonances to endear/alienate audiences.

Babey are a 4 piece Melbourne band who enjoy thai food, feminist prose, and angry girl music of the indie rock persuasion. with their dream pop goals fighting their prog rock souls, Babey will break your hearts with their broken ones.

See them all at The Yarra Hotel November 1st. 8pm and entry is $6/$12 (income dependant).

PRICE: $6/$12 (income dependant)
Showtime: 8pm

Thursday 02 November

Clio (single launch) + Madeline Lehman (ft. Leah Senior) + The Royal Parks

Following the success of her debut single ‘Into Other Arms’, Melbourne singer/songwriter, Clio, announces her new release ‘Sleep For Years’.To celebrate, she will be performing at the Yarra Hotel on November 2nd with a full band of legends featuring: Hannah CameronGeorgie DarvidisMarty Holoubek and Hudson Whitlock.

The beautiful Madeline Leman and The Royal Parks will be joining Clio as supports for the night.

Give the video clip for ‘Into Other Arms’ a watch HERE.


PRICE: $12
Showtime: 8pm

Friday 03 November

Shiva + TV Dinners + The Passion Of Joan Of Arc + Poor Violet

Join SHIVA for their last show for a while… prepare for an atmospheric Friday night, with a funky mixed bill with the likes of TV Dinners, The Passion Of Joan Of Arc and poor violet.

SHIVA: Post-punk/goth darlings with danceable drum machine beats, heavy guitars, and cutting synth textures.

TV Dinners: Remarkably wholesome power pop/college rock with a side of Weezer worship.

The Passion of Joan of Arc: Moody Slowcore for your soul.

Poor Violet: Surfy, shoegazey bedroom pop. For dancing, grooving and wallowing in sadness at the same time.

Tickets are $10 on the door.

PRICE: $10
Showtime: 8pm

Saturday 04 November

Life Strike + Shrapnel + Bananagun + The Faculty

Allow Life Strike to take you to a new world.

A world where wastelanders reminisce about the good times when there was plenty of pet food left in the deteriorating supermarkets. A world where gangs of cannibalistic youths force other apocalypse survivors to roll dice that they’ve carved from teeth, to determine if they’ll be on tonight’s menu. A world where some choose to start co-ops and grow vegetables, some dance to the light of the corporation satellites, and some, like Artemis, obsess over uploading their souls to the last functioning ComSat in orbit around our forsaken earth.

Life Strike is a garage rock/punk band from Melbourne Australia who sing catchy songs about our dystopian future. Their characters inhabit and explore the post-apocalyptic wasteland.

Bringing with them some of the sensibilities of their previous bands Deaf Wish and Dollar Bar, Nick Pratt (bass, vox) and Patrick McCabe (guitar, vox) along with Will Zerno on drums, use a combination of noise-rock epics, garage pop, and short stabby punk to bring the wasteland to life.

Their live set has drawn comparisons to classic acts like The Gordons, Wire, The Cure and The Scientists, also modernists like The Black Lips and Parquet Courts.

Life Strike’s debut 7” includes four songs recorded and mixed by Nick Pratt and mastered by Mikey Young.

See them launch it November 4th at The Yarra Hotel with special guests Shrapnel (Syd), Bananagun, and The Faculty.

PRICE: $10
Showtime: 8pm

Sunday 05 November

Louis Valentine & The Golden Age + Hannah Francis & The Fake News + Jess Parker

Like many musicians, Louis Valentine spent much of his youth practising his moves in front of a mirror. Sometimes he held a tennis racquet, other times a shitty old guitar. One time he used a cucumber as a saxophone. These days he records himself with an iPhone.
Louis Valentine is bringing his unorthodox, but well practiced moves to The Yarra Hotel for a night of all-singing, all-dancing revelry with a country/soul bent. The jazzy, four-piece soul dynamo that is The Golden Age will be laying down the funk.
The compelling and ubiquitous Hannah Francis and The Fake News and the beautiful sounds of Jess Parker will be along for the ride.


PRICE: $10
Showtime: 6pm

Thursday 09 November

Solarcollector + Pleasure Avalanche + Esther Rivers vs Bonnie Mercer

Thursday the 9th of November sees the second show for Melbourne based musicians Nils Arnold (formerly of Sailors & Swine, Machine) and Spike Williams (formerly of Dead South), collaborating as Solarcollector.

Folk techno authors of love death disco soundscapes, absorbing only the darkest colours designed to outshine time and space while burning the corpses of past mistakes.

Joined on the night by Ester Rivers the commanding front woman of Little Desert along side powerful experimental guitarist Bonnie Mercer and esoteric post punk shoe gazers Pleasure Avalanche.

Showtime: 8pm

Friday 10 November

Girlatones album launch + The Tropes + Hollie Joyce + Piggie

Girlatones play their own brand of garage-pop with unique lyrical humour and sincerity, drawing you into their upbeat and inclusive world.

Their debut LP “Fitting In Well” is a collection of songs tied together through themes of personal development and finding oneself through creativity. Whilst taking cues from classic pop songwriting, sonically the album is contrasted by the group’s DIY production ethic.

Come join the local 4-piece as they launch the album at The Yarra Hotel, November 10th. Vinyl will be available on the night. Support from The Tropes, Hollie Joyce & Piggie.

PRICE: $10
Showtime: 8pm

Friday 17 November

The Fainters (E.P. Launch) + Four In The Morning + Snowy + Maja

“The Fainters have been creating a unique style of Indie Rock, indebted to guitar bands Pavement, Dick Diver, as well as singer-songwriters like Joni Mitchell.

The last song of their first EP ‘New Age’ promised a break from a world of ghosts, no confidence, lost boats and unflattering mirrors, and their sophomore EP Secret Tape delivers on that promise. With Secret Tape the band sounds tighter, rockier, and more assured than ever. Credit is due to Tom Thomson, for his impeccable production of the album, bringing to life fan favourite songs such as ‘Doom Slope’ and ‘Secret Tape’.

Come and help The Fainters launch their second EP at The Yarra Hotel, November 17th. It will be a great night of music all round, with support from up and coming indie-rockers Four In The Morning, talented experimenter Snowy (of The Ocean Party, No Local etc.), and the sublime folk sounds of Maja.”

Showtime: 8pm

Sunday 10 December

Pigs Of The Roman Empire + Older Men + Pleasure Avalanche

Returning from studio limbo, Pigs of the Roman Empire are joining Pleasure Avalanche and Older Men for a case of the Sunday sads.
Pigs of the Roman Empire croon songs of love and hate in the heaviest fashion. Sometimes loud, sometimes not.
Pleasure Avalanche conjure up a dark and intense atmosphere of post-punk and the stranger sides of jazz.
Older Men play abrasively polite noise rock that’ll punch with the fury of truck driver on a four-day bender.

Showtime: 6pm