Thursday 22 June

GOD$ residency w/ Tidas Sloan + Extra lemon

GOD$ are a quintuple headed melodic psych serpent hailing from the sometimes cold but always spicy city of Melbourne, and for every Thursday in June Gods will shine down upon the stage of The Yarra Hotel.
Over 5 Huge weeks GOD$ will be bringing their A-game along with help from the likes of:Diamonds of Neptune, Coloured Clocks, WOY, STOKA, RAThammock, Daisy Chain, King Cnut & The Waves and Cloud

Thursday nights are sure to be something biblical.

$7 Entry

Showtime: 8pm

Friday 23 June

Ships Piano + Picket Palace + Tony Dork + Tarifs

Ships Piano are the butter for your dry ear toast. Their live show is frenetic and fast paced and they deliver their tunes in an unashamed Ocker accent. They return to the Yarra Hotel after their last show sold out with makers of fine picket fences and slightly above average music Picket Palace, fart punks Tony Dork and weirdo, noisy folk rock band Tariffs.

Doors 8pm. Entry is $5.

Showtime: 8pm

Saturday 24 June

The Bitter Darlings (ADL) + Sam Reiher And The September Girls + Skyscraper Stan + Ryan Potter

The Yarra Hotel presents a night of suburban songwriting from Skyscraper Stan, The Bitter Darlings, Sam Reiher and the September Gurls and Sub Tropical Thunder’s very own Ryan Potter. South Australia’s purveryors of pub-rock-soul The Bitter Darlings make their anticipated return to Melbourne since launching debut release ‘Stuart Highway’ to a packed Labour In Vain in February. The Darlings showcase a fiery live performance that encapsulates a golden era of Australian-rock. With recent performances alongside the likes of Tex Perkins, William Crighton and Bad//Dreems. Joined by Melbourne’s Skyscraper Stan, Sam Reiher and the September Gurls and Ryan Potter.
$10 on the door, doors from 8

PRICE: $10
Showtime: 8pm

Monday 26 June

Hannah Blackburn with rock band + Woy + Motte

Three different tiers of folk join together for Monday 26th, at The Yarra Hotel. Starting with Motte, a reverb swamped violin through delay. The songs were recorded in the bedroom/somewhere in the tropics or a hothouse full of moths.

Second on the agenda is Woy, who ditched folk music like a nasty cold. Kieran Chae Dickson embarked on the creation of ‘Woy’- the latest project from the Melbourne moron. The result is a jolted set of observations, of dry pre/post-apocalyptic narratives, along with some pseudo-intellectual self-deprecating introspective rants had by a white, middle-class male in the 21st Century.

Headlining band, Hannah Blackburn with Rock Band, started with Blackburn’s solo music, inspired by the likes of Cat Power and Laura Marling. Now she is joined by a strong force that is Rock Band (Mackenzie Randall – Hi Tec Emotions, Luke Sommerfeld – Swamp, and Kaelan Emond – Swamp).

Showtime: 8pm

Wednesday 28 June

Is There A Hotline + Sectape + Silknita + Tv Telepath

On the 28th of June, The Yarra Hotel hosts a night of unrestrained sound exploration.

Is There a Hotline? Are a duo that produce atmospheric post-punk-space-noise, they emit strange drifting sounds, delicate and intense extremes, evoking a parade of cosmic imagery.

Sectape play fuzzed out soundtracks for insurrection that captivate audiences. Prepare to be blown to all corners of the bandroom!

Post-Metal trio Sliknita have promised to bring their dynamic soundscapes and outdated Australian television references to the Yarra’s stage for the first time.

TV Telepath are an experimental rock trio who shimmer and shake with an aural mixture that hooks the listener on its proverbial line.

$5 entry. Come and float in space.

Showtime: 8pm

Thursday 29 June

GOD$ residency w/ King Cnut & The Waves + Clouds

GOD$ are a quintuple headed melodic psych serpent hailing from the sometimes cold but always spicy city of Melbourne, and for every Thursday in June Gods will shine down upon the stage of The Yarra Hotel.
Over 5 Huge weeks GOD$ will be bringing their A-game along with help from the likes of:Diamonds of Neptune, Coloured Clocks, WOY, STOKA, RAThammock, Daisy Chain, King Cnut & The Waves and Cloud

Thursday nights are sure to be something biblical.

$7 Entry

Showtime: 8pm

Friday 30 June

The Die Casts + Evil Twin + Lorikeet

Come celebrate tax time with us!

The DieCasts, Evil Twin and Lorikeet will be gracing the stage of the Yarra Hotel in Abbotsford.

Doors from 7pm, Bands from 8pm, $5 entry (fully tax deducatable)

Lorikeet: 8pm – 8:40
Evil Twin: 9pm – 9:40
The DieCasts: 10pm – 10:40pm

Showtime: 8pm

Saturday 01 July


Saturday July 1st will be a big night of blasting brutality served up in the cosy bandroom at The Yarra Hotel.
Primitive and ugly death metal jerkoffs Contaminated wear out their welcome,
Shitwreck blaze through a whirlwind of hyperactive old school grind for people who obsess about Assuck and Terrorizer,
ESP Mayhem smash out a bleeping mess of synthesiser electro sports grind,
And Asbestosisis unblock your toilet and smash your sewerpipe simultaneously using a thick-skulled headbutt

Five bucks entry, what a deal!

Showtime: 8pm

Monday 03 July

Celiac + Dire + Symphon + Silveria

One-woman industrial noisemaker, Celiac, plays her first show since the release of her latest EP, Healing.

Joined by the virtuosic dark electronica of Dire, Melbourne trap odyssey SYMPHON, and the dreamy, brooding folk of south-east songstress Silveria.


Showtime: 8pm

Wednesday 05 July

Piss Factory + Boy Parts + Dogood + BC

Piss Factory began in a suburban Sydney bedroom, sporadically releasing recordings acoustically and as sound collages. In the summer of 2016 Scout moved to the mean streets of Fitzroy and brought in additional musicians to make the project into a three-piece punk powerhaus – Bianca (the Girl Fridas) on drums and Tom (Made Austria) on bass. If Ratso Rizzo stole a guitar and a copy of ‘Rocket to Russia’, he would be Piss Factory’s fraternal twin. Piss Factory are bittersweet memories, black and white photocopied zines, and hours upon hours of disorted feedback.

Showtime: 8pm

Sunday 09 July

Happy Lonesome + Golden Rail + The Ra Ra Ra's + Michael Plater

The Happy Lonesome are stoked to announce that they’ll be playin’ the Yarra Hotel for the first time – alright! January saw the band release their debut self titled full length LP, copies of which will be available to purchase & live renditions available to experience on the night. Also hittin’ the stage are local jangly power pop greats, the Golden Rail (new single ‘Oh My!’ out now, LP out soon). Very good friends The Ra Ra Ra’s & Michael Plater will be there doin’ their very good things too. Come down to the Yarra on this mid winter evening and warm your souls. Early start.

Showtime: 6pm

Wednesday 12 July

Grups + Reverse Butcher + Gibberish

Grups are cursed to spend their suspended youth attempting to find the point where stoic autonomy and child-like whimsy intersect in a performance. It is only then that they will be free to embrace the ravages of age and become a preset on a Savers Casio.

ReVerse Butcher is a multi-disciplinary artist with focuses in multimedia performance, and making unique artist’s books. She will use any medium necessary to engage and subvert reality until it is less dull and oppressive.

Gibberish – A project that is sure to insult and inspire depending on the listener. Expect drones and sweet tones.

Showtime: 8pm

Sunday 16 July

LEAPS & BOUNDS MUSIC FESTIVAL PRESENTS: An Otherwise Quiet Room w/ special guests

“An Otherwise Quiet Room” is a video project hosted by and featuring Mandy Connell and 10 other high calibre singer-songwriters. “The Yarra Sessions” will be the first series and will be filmed in specifically chosen locations in the City of Yarra. It will be launched in July at The Yarra in Abbotsford. Simultaneously it will also be uploaded to a dedicated YouTube channel at that point and will be available in DVD or downloadable format for sale.

Sometimes the most magical experiences for a performer are off-stage moments. At a festivals or accommodation, around a kitchen table, or in long waits between shows. Someone will pull out a guitar or banjo, someone else will start singing or telling a story and create a moment that will never be repeated. They might be old friends, or never have met before. “The Yarra Sessions” aims to create a space for these connections to happen and to give the viewer an intimate window into “An Otherwise Quiet Room.”

The series will take us off stage into cafes and bars in the Yarra area. Like green rooms or hotel accommodation, these are transient but social spaces. Places where both friends and strangers might meet, they have the ritual of sharing food and drink. The series will also highlight the settings, acknowledging our hosts and the spaces they’ve created.

We have chosen a mix of artists with an intention to reach a wider audience. Some are local and some are visiting. All are highly regarded singer-songwriters in their own right. We propose that participation in the video series will bring cross promotion and development to all contributors- including the venues and videographer.

The brainchild of Mandy Connell, “An Otherwise Quiet Room” has been developed with the intention of providing both Mandy and the other artists involved significant professional development and promotional opportunities. It also gives the viewer/listener the chance to see and hear artists reinterpreting their own and others’ works.

Artists involved: Bonnie Love, Tom Lee Richards, Scott Cook, Brent Parlane, Matt Glass, Michael Waugh, Sarah Carroll, Khristian Mizzi, Jane McArthur and Toby Knox.

Venues involved: Some Velvet Morning, A Fan’s Notes, Little Andorra, Long Play, Uncle Crew Café, Night Hawks, Rooks Return, Kent Street and The Yarra Hotel.

PRICE: $15
Showtime: 6pm

Friday 21 July

Leaps and Bounds music festival presents: The Braves w/ Lost Talk + Hexdebt

The Braves ever evolving sound creates sonic observations of the modern landscape.
Bound by no genre The Braves always set out to incite and inspire to find relief for the people who come. They’ve played every corner of Melbourne creating a cult gathering every step of the way. Recent release ‘All Through Paradise’ has been described as “a dark swinging blade of love and death” garnering a 4 star review in The Age. Playing with Lost Talk and more TBA a portion of every entry being donated to the Elizabeth Morgan house, we invite you to bare witness to what’s been called “ferociously honest and unerringly raw”.

PRICE: $10
Showtime: 8pm

Saturday 29 July

Steve Kilbey (The Church) live and solo + Jules Douglas (The panics)

A songwriter of many musical tongues, from the sprawling guitar thunderstorms of The Church, to the opiated dronescapes and psychedelic vision of his solo recordings and paintings. Kilbey can only be referred to as a polymath; a modern day renaissance man, a consummate musician and hitmaker. His fans have been treated to an unrivalled catalogue of material for over 43 years.

Throughout his musical career, he has been internationally lauded for his voice, stage presence and compositional skills – establishing a strong fan base in Australia and around the world.

See him play a rare and special solo show at The Yarra Hotel, Abbotsford on July 29th with support from Jules Douglas (The Panics). Tickets are on sale via Oztix.

NOTE- Capacity is extremely limited.

PRICE: $25 from Oztix
Showtime: 8pm